Friday, 28 December 2012

At least 653 charged with Social Media Crimes in 2012

On December 27 2012 BBC Radio 4 News at 6 reported that at least 653 people have been charged with crimes relating to the social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

The statistics were accessed by the Press Association News Agency under freedom of information legislation. The statistics themselves came from just over half of the legal forces from England, Wales and Scotland.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Twitter gearing up for IPO

Everyone knows Bloomberg radio is the place for authoritative economic news but it's also a great source for the latest tech news.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Does UK Law Practice Need a Digital Inclusion Champion?

"Perhaps no British person beyond Sir Tim Berners-Lee has better credentials to be an internet tsar," than Martha Lane Fox said the Times.
Martha Lane Fox is a prodigious English businesswoman that can boast of a raft of achievements, but what she’s best known for is A wildly successfully online travel company that she founded in 2001 despite the market chaos associated with the collapse of the dotcom bubble.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

NI Tweeter of the Week:@birdcagebelfast

Another week has passed and so we must announce the latest “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week.” Ewing’s fishmongers won it last time round but who will they pass the title onto this week?

The last 7 days threw up some great tweeting and the competition was tremendously tight and so in order to pick a winner we referred throughout the process to the usual criteria: level of interaction, frequency of tweets, aesthetics of Twitter page, biography, informativeness, consistency, photos and overall Twitter experience.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

#Newsnight: reimagining the size and function of the state

The Newsnight episode from Friday 7 December 2012 which featured a debate on the size of the state which included Nassim Taleb.

These are fiscally challenging times. Public debt is on such a scale that it’s not just a short term challenge but a multi-generational one. And so with our public finances out of control is there a case to rethink and even reconstruct the purpose, role, size and function of our state? To reconsider what we need from Whitehall and what state provisions we can reasonably do without.

Monday, 10 December 2012

#DigitalRevolution: digital factories and the new industrial revolution

On Monday 10 December 2012 the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 discussed the rise of digital factories, digital manufacturing, the associated “Maker Movement” and the emergence of the New Industrial Revolution”. You can listen to what they had to say here.

GT Law: Reimagining Law Practice

GT Law are a vibrant law firm who are turning the tradition model of law practice on it's head
Under a backdrop of economic turmoil and corporate pain the legal industry is undergoing some radical changes. The traditional model of legal practice is being turned on its head. No longer can solicitors be specialism-specific technocrats. Clients want more for less, they want value-added services and they want commercially aware client-centric advisors who know them and their market intimately.

And here's the methodologically rigorous evidence from the FT that backs all this up.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Digital Barrister: presenting the case for barristers being on social media

Say social media to a barrister and they'll almost invariably think of Facebook. Go further and they'll think you're crazy for talking about something that their kid or grandchild plays with - right? Well yes that's what'll they're likely to think, but importantly they're Wrong! 

Monday, 3 December 2012

Ewing's Seafood: The Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week

Ewing's blend an appreciation for the old trade with new media to put on a masterclass on top client service.
Another week has passed and so the Tweeting Lawyer must announce the latest winner of the “Northern Ireland Tweeter of the Week” Award. The Twitter-savvy Wagamama Belfast were last week’s rightful winners, but who’ll they be passing the title onto this week? It certainly hasn’t been an easy decision for us to make. As always the quality of Northern Ireland Tweeting was of the highest standard and the competition was fierce.
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