Monday, 22 July 2013

Maria Popova: "The law lags behind the culture; a good decade usually"

Maria Popova who writes at Brian Pickings and is renowned for for being a one-woman-discovery-machine has taken classes on copywrite law, she spoke of the relationship between the law and the space that it is supposed to govern. She said:

"The law lags behind the culture; a good decade usually."

 - Maria Popova 

At 53 minutes 45 seconds

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Ways are Changing, Yet Law and Lawyer is merchant of the olden days

I like poetry and verse. Here's my attempt to bring some poetry to the legal profession. My legal verse:

"The terms and ways of modern trade are changing, 
Yet lawyer and law firms are the modern day merchant of the olden days."

Monday, 8 July 2013

Being social online is more than just social media

Kevin O'Keefe discusses how law firms can use online and social media monitoring services to really tie together and effectuate a strong online and social media presence:
"If I am a lawyer looking to use social media effectively, I am listening to key words and key phrases relevant to my area of law and the industry I represent. That’s in addition to the obvious ones – my name and the url of my blog. 
I want company names, case names, regulations, and the names of other thought leaders. When such names are mentioned in influential sources – trade publications, blogs, Twitter, newspapers, and other mainstream media, I want it fed to me. I also want to have RSS feeds set up from relevant blogs and other influential sources. Twitter lists with the influencers and thought leaders are also critical. 
With that sort of listening environment, I pick up a 360 degree assessment of the relevant discussion in my field. I can now strategically share what I am reading and engage in the conversation through my blog and other social networks. 
Without such an environment, I am operating in a vacuum and totally in-equipped to take part in social media. Heck blogging and using Twitter without monitoring like that could be considered just making noise, rather than partaking in a conversation that builds trust, relationships, and a reputation."
More here

Irish courts must get with multimedia times says former DPP

The Irish Times explains:

"But the “system” to which Hamilton refers does not any longer reflect reality. The nexus between public opinion, the media and the administration of justice is no longer where it was 13 years ago when it was held that the former taoiseach could not be tried, putting him in effect beyond the law.

Experienced prosecutors are of course right to raise these issues. When and if charges are finally brought to full hearing, claims of prejudice and bias will be among the earliest hares to be coursed by defence lawyers. It will be pleaded that such has been the intensity of public anger, so vile have been the media in their coverage, and such has been the popular rush to judgment that it will be impossible to empanel jurors with open minds.

Hyper-connected world
But in the hyper-connected world of today it is unrealistic to expect that a panel of intelligent adults, possessed of reasonable deductive capacities, can be found who will not to some degree have “internalised” (Brian Cowen’s term) the shocking performance of the Irish financial system and of Anglo in particular. Nobody living in this State has been unaffected. So can prosecutions proceed only where jury members can be shown to have been living in some sort of cocoon? Taken to its logical conclusion it would suggest the criminal courts as a whole should be shut down."

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

We're living in an American legal world

The Legal IT Insider has just published its June edition with news that it is to launch the Legal IT Global Insider 200. This will run alongside the Legal IT UK Insider 200 which has been published since 2003. 

So who are the firms making up the Global 200 listing? Onto the guys at Legal Tech

We are living in an American world with 150 of the top 200 firms having their head offices in the USA. Next up comes the UK with 27 global firms, followed by Continental Europe with 15 firms (Germany, Spain & the Netherlands each on 3) and then Australia with 5 firms. However China (2), Canada (1) and South Korea (1) also make the list. 

Other news includes announcement that Tim Berners-Lee will be the keynote speaker at the 2014 Legal Tech conference. 

See the June edition of the Legal IT Insider here. 

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