Sunday, 23 February 2014

Law Society poll: More lawyers using social media

Law Society poll: More solicitors using social media

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Glenn Greenwald the Lawyer

Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) is a key player in the new breed of digital-native journalists and bloggers. A leading figure alongside the likes of Nate Silver, Ezra Klein and Andrew Sullivan. A trailblazer who has broken the rules and is reinventing the very concept of how we receive news and ingest information. He started blogging in 2005, went with Salon, then the Guardian and has now started his own site for fearless and adversarial journalism, The Intercept (@the_intercept).

Friday, 7 February 2014

There’s A Huge Latent Legal Market For Legal Visionaries, Ctd

For Michele Colucci, CEO of, it's not that there are too few lawyers, but that there's a communication gap between clients and the legal advice they seek. She said:

"The real problem is connecting lawyers to people who need them. I have 50 people right now needing lawyers.

The legal system is fragmented and it's hard for people to wade through. But I think there are just too many lawyers without access to clients who need them the most, rather than too many lawyers and no jobs."

Read my earlier post on Defero Law (@deferolaw), 'People on Main Steet Can’t Afford Access To Legal Guidance - There’s A Huge Latent Legal Market For Legal Visionaries.'

@MEKowalski: 'Law Schools’ Fear of Social Media Is a Disservice to Students'

Canadian lawyer Mitch Kowalski (@MEKowalski) explained that law students are failing to use social media with their career in mind because of law schools’ fear of the social networks and online space. 

I've written about this many times before including on this blog here: 

And on Defero law more recently I explained my Digital Law Student series:

"I wanted to then tell that story through the Digital Law Student series. Especially because, as Brian Inkster, Pat Ellis and Kevin O’Keefe have said (herehere and here respectively), law students and young lawyers are absolutely not using social media with their career in mind.

In fact the blowback is breath-taking. At the recent Bar Conference in Northern Ireland, not a single barrister was using Twitter and all the new pupils were fanatical adherents to the totally out-dated legal doctrine of no risk, no comment, no change.

As Richard Susskind says, this is “irrational rejectionism.”It’s“institutional bewilderment”. To that I simply cite Gary Slapper (@garyslapper) who said“LAWYERS MUST CHANGE” and John Cooper QC who said that lawyers who were once snobbish and dismissive of Twitter are now active tweeters. Oh and Karl Chapman of Riverview Law who said that the days of the legal technocrat are over. Oh! And how they told Richard Susskind he was mad in the 1990s when he suggested that lawyers would us email (see here)!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Colin Scott (@ColizScott) - Legal innovator

Colin Scott (@ColizScott) dean of the UCD Sutherland Law School is leading the way in new methods to teach law.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Legal blogging and legal tweeting

In the first tweet David Allen Green gives his pick of the best legal thinkers online. In the second tweet he explains his multifarious Twitter and online presence.
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